Choosing the right social media agency for your business can be challenging. If you went with the wrong agency you are wasting a lot of money and opportunities to grow. So here are a few things to focus on when looking for a new marketing team.


1.Social Media Agency First Step: Creation of Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona | Masteradz Social Media Agency

Whether you are looking to work with an Advertising/Growth Hacking Agency or hire an in house team you need to know a few things. The first thing they have to do in order to have a successful campaign is to create a buyer persona. Without prior knowledge or research about the buyer persona everything will go to waste. All the marketing efforts will be useless and it won’t give you results that will please you.

On the other hand, working with a data driven agency will create the buyer persona from the start. The detailed persona shows you all the information you may need. Such as demographical information, social networks that the persona uses, his goals, needs, pains, and pain relievers. This will help the agency in creating the right campaign for your targeted audience.


2.Guaranteeing Best Practices in Digital Integrations

Sharing your digital credentials with your social media agency might seem like the easy option for you to do. But your digital accounts are your digital assets. Don’t just give them away to the agency just because it is more convenient. To give them access to your accounts should be through best practices to assure no problems will occur.


Social Media Agency Access To Facebook and Instagram Business Account

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For Facebook and Instagram accounts, don’t give the social media agency your credentials. They of course need an access to start working but always create the account yourself. That is the number one rule. Whether it’s for Facebook or Instagram you do your own business account. It will act as a container for all your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Easily now you can connect your business account with your pages. Also, if you have any apps data tracking pixels or any offline events it is recommended to connect to this business account and share only the needed assets with the agency.


Billing Information

Furthermore, it is crucial to have the billing information already connected to your business account. When the social media agency starts taking payments, it will be all hassle-free. And they won’t have to pay from their own bank account.


Line of Business and Ad Account

After creating the main business account you must create a line of business. It will include all the assets needed. Then you will make an ad account. It will be the main account that is shared with the social media agency. They will have access only to assets that need to complete their work.

Ps. don’t ever give the managing permission to the ad account for the agency.


3.Creation of Journey Maps


Having a buyer persona makes it much easier to target and segment your audiences. However, the agency should state the main objectives to you. They might be creating awareness, generating web traffic, increasing the conversion rate and leads. Without a vivid objective all the work the agency will be doing will be scattered and unmeasurable. And most probably you won’t be satisfied with their service.


After finishing up with the objectives, the goals must be stated. To clarify the main roadmap behind reaching our main stated objective within the timeline planned. Different goals might be set. It can be increasing online presence, creating more social proof or new website copies, or developing new landing pages.

Social Media Agency KPIs

The next thing you need to is identify KPIs.  They will act as the main metrics for you and the agency. Working together you can compare the planned results with the actual results. KPIs could be number of reach and impression, reaching the impression cap, increasing the conversion rate to a specified percentage, generating more customer leads to a forecasted number.


4.Having a Single Source of Truth

Website or Social Media: Where Do I Start? A Question Every Social Media Agency Should Answer

Many people ignore creating a website as they think it is not important. But what they don’t understand is it is a main digital asset. Almost everyone tends to believe social media accounts are more necessary. They are free to create unlike websites making them more popular.

The good thing about websites is has a greater conversion rate. This means the customer reaching your website is more likely to take an action and make a purchase. On the other hand, social media channels allow your business to reach further audience. Of course there are some out layers to these points for some certain business fields which might be working much better on social media channels (artists, apps, etc…)


Google analytics

Google Analytics | Masteradz.com

The single source of truth that will be measuring all your stated KPIs between you and your digital agency, it will all be found in google analytics account. And just like your social media account, it is also essential to create on your own.  You will give the agency a view share only without having full access.

Creating a google analytics account is a free service offered by Google. It helps you to track and report website traffic and activities. As well as tracking social networking sites and applications.

Here as well your agency has to state objective and goals that are implemented in google analytics. If this doesn’t occur it will create misunderstanding and the work will be unmeasurable. This might result in underestimating or overestimating the efforts served from the agency.

5.Using Remarketing In Your Digital Marketing Plan

As we said before, websites generate more leads and sales than social media accounts. Using search engine marketing tools like google ads will help you in your campaigns. They help you to launch a display or video campaign that covers all your funnel stages depending on your content strategy and the targeted audience.

Remarketing is one of the best practices to retarget interested audiences. Make the perfect use of your social media accounts by spreading awareness about your website. If you are having your audiences reach certain pages on your website and not taking action will be waste of marketing efforts. However re-appearing for the same audience in a more personalized way on their social media channels will increase the possibility of them taking an action.


Conclusion About Choosing The Right Social Media Agency

In conclusion, It would be crazy not working with a social media agency after seeing the great effect of its advertising. When choosing the right agency for you, set your goals first. This way the experts will create a strategy to achieve your goals and make your business succeed.

After reading this article, don’t let anyone fool you. You have the right information to determine which agency is best for you.

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