Digital marketing, a term that might make you wonder if you need to use it to sound smart.

This term got popular in the early 2000’s, but it has been around long before then.

The first digital marketer is Guglielmo Marconi. You might have never heard his name.

In 1896, he was the first person to show a public transmission of wireless signals. Basically what this means, he has invented the radio.

Soon after, creators started to realize that they can use it to sell stuff.

The first broadcast on the radio was from an opera performer. People listened to him and after the program they went and bought tickets to see him. Yes, that’s all what it took.

And digital marketing was born.

Digital marketing doesn’t only include smartphones, ads, blogs or apps.

So what is the real definition of it?


Definition of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing


It is the advertisement of a product or service through different channels. Such as social media, email, website, application. Or any channel that is digital.

Simply, any form of marketing on an electronic device.

Electronics have been around for decades. Digital marketing can be either online or offline. That is why this type of marketing is nothing new.

A well-rounded strategy uses both of online and offline digital marketing.

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Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?


Do you remember them? They are still used today but who pays attention to them

When we were younger, I remember whenever I saw a McDonald’s advertisement I started to crave it. And most of the times we go eat right after.

That’s a smart marketing strategy.

Sometimes big companies use it to start a billboard fight.

BMW vs Audi Billboard Fight

BMW vs Audi Billboard Fight


A billboard fight happened between Audi and BMW, which made everyone talk about them.

But not a lot people pay attention to them anymore.

Google and Facebook generate more revenue because more people are looking at them.

When you are driving around with someone, the person in the passenger seat isn’t looking at the road. Chances are they are looking at their phone.

That’s why billboards don’t have a future. Even drivers aren’t paying attention on the road. So who is going to see these advertisements?

Let’s not forget about the self-driving cars. We all know this is going to be the future of driving. Elon Musk started with the Tesla but it’s not going to stop there.

All this leads to people more time on their phones. On average, we spend 11+ hours on electronic devices every single day.

With all that said, offline marketing has still has its place.

The time has come to dive in more about digital marketing.

Digital marketing has two main pillars online and offline marketing.


Digital Marketing: Online

There are 7 main categories of online marketing which are:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Email marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Affiliate marketing

Content marketing

Social media marketing (SMM)


Search Engine Optimization

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Let’s start with SEO.

It is the process of optimizing your online content so you can rank higher on search engines. This depends on the keyword you are using.

Within SEO, there are two big sectors to be aware of

On-page and off-page SEO.

Let’s see the difference between them.

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On-Page SEO for Digital Marketing

Google makes a lot of changes to their algorithm that it might be hard for anyone to keep up with.

One thing that remains relatively constant is conduction on-page SEO.

On-page SEO activities aren’t linked directly to ranking factors. But rather focuses on indirect factors.

Optimizing the meta description and title tag is one of the tasks for on-page SEO.

These are what appear on the google search result.

Placing the keywords in the title and description is important. Not for the ranking but to make it easier for the user to navigate the content faster.

Stuffing your keyword in description and title is not an option.

When the title tag and the meta description are related to the topic, you can expect a higher rate. They actually help with click-through rate.

And when the CTR is high the chances of ranking better is higher.

Google’s main goal is to provide the best user experience. So if it notices your post is having more clicks than the post above you, then google will move your content up.

On-page SEO consists of a few major elements:

Crawl errors

Keyword research

Page optimization


We’ll get into further details about them in another blog.

Now that you have a better understanding of on-page SEO, let’s jump into the next one.


Off-Page SEO

To put it in simple terms, off-page SEO is the opposite of on-page SEO.

Everything you are doing off-page is to increase the ranking of you website on search engines.

Link building, social promotion, and content syndication can improve your off-page SEO.

Guest blogging or writing a piece for another website helps you to get a backlink. Through backlinks, the website will have a stronger authority. In other words, Google will love it.


Here a few things that you can do to help with your off-page SEO:

Link Building is Crucial for Digital Marketing

This step is the most important when it comes to off-page SEO. The more links you have back to your site from other websites, the stronger authority you have. In Google’s eyes this makes your content relevant.

But not any link works!

Link building is hard, but necessary.

Ranking higher requires you to have a high number of links from a high quality websites. Also, diversity in sources of the backlinks is a must.


Social Sharing

This is a great strategy that will contribute to off-page SEO indirectly. It’s a tactic that can lead to more backlinks.

When sharing the latest post or blog on social media, you are attracting new audience to view it. The more users you attract the more brand awareness you get. This might lead to more backlinks.

There is a great way to drive more traffic and increase your engagement on your website via LinkedIn. When you are doing a blog, copy and paste your introduction into the status bar. Then end it with (click to continue reading) and hyperlink the phrase back to the blog post.

Through these tactics, any website can gain a better ranking on search engines.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine Marketing


SEM is the paid SEO.

Like we have said, SEO is optimizing your content to rank higher in search engines. This can take up to a few months.

SEM comes here to the rescue.

You can pay your way to the top.

With paid ads, the website appears first thing on the page. This makes it a bit more likely that you will get more hits. But you pay for every ad.

The price varies though, it all depends on which keyword you are bidding on.

Most expensive keywords you can find are the most searched ones. Some keywords may cost several hundred dollars per click.

Yes, it is a great strategy but only if you can immediately redeem your advertising cost.

Many companies blow through a lot of money on Google AdWords campaigns. But they don’t get their money back, that’s because they are bidding on the wrong keywords.

When doing paid ads, you have to offer a paid product or service.

At the beginning of any company, you create free content to build audience. Don’t waste your money promoting them, you won’t get anything in return. Yet, this is an important step to get the brand known.

There is a way though to stop paying for worthless clicks. By setting up a conversion goal in your campaign, you will be able to know who made a purchase after seeing the ad. Through this, you will know how much money you have spent and how much you made.


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Content Marketing Importance for Digital Marketing

Masteradz Content Marketing on a laptop with rocket flying

Content Marketing


Providing valuable and relative content to your audience is what content marketing is all about.

It is important to have it because it is SEO.

Content is one of the top two ranking factors.

When you create marvelous content, it increases your chance of getting more hits. It brings in new audience and increases traffic and leads from organic search.

This must be included in any SEO strategy. Evenutally, it will benefit your company.

A powerful SEO equals content marketing.

Optimizing your home page and product page is something you should do. But it won’t lead more traffic to your website. Without content marketing, you won’t be able to bring new audience.

A bonus point, the ROI for content marketing is huge.

This strategy isn’t going to be an overnight success. But the long-term viability can’t be matched.

Now hop on board of the content marketing train to have a successful business!


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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


Moving on to something you might enjoy more, social media marketing.

Social media is winning over everything else in the industry.

The main thing you need to know about social media is that you need to create the content for the right platform.

For example if you saw this blog on Facebook you are going to skip it.

You can’t go on Facebook and write something this long on it. No one will pay attention to it. Long content is for blogs and YouTube.

Also, to be successful on social media you need to keep your eye on the newest trends.

Consumer behavior changes and technology expands, and the trends are ever-changing.

Years ago, you could reach a lot of people organically through social media. However, this is not the reality anymore. Social media platforms have realized they need people to pay for ads. That’s how they make most of their money.

So to have a marketing strategy that actually works, you need to have both organic and paid posts.


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Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing


When you go to a place that you love so much, you can’t stop telling your friends and family about it. Now imagine every time you refer someone to this place and they actually go, you get money for it. This is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing happens all the time online. And one of the biggest examples for this is Amazon.

Amazon has an affiliate program. You sign up and get a special link to all the products available.

After that, you can put the link on a blog, on social media, or you can even send it to your friends. If someone makes a purchase from the link, you get a small commission from Amazon.

How to Get Paid?

Now that you have the basic understanding on how it works, let’s talk about how you can make money out of it.

Usually whenever someone buys the product you referred to, you get paid.

And one of the most popular ways to do that is creating content or blog around the product. That’s pretty much it.


Email Marketing

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Email Marketing


Through email marketing, you directly communicate with your audience and customers.

The chance to gain a new customer through an email is 40% more than through social media. Email marketing is a long term strategy that helps any business to keep in touch with prospects.

Changing an email is so much more painful than changing a phone number. No one ever thinks about creating a new email account. This is why having email addresses to possible customers is a valuable information.

What makes email marketing so successful is the personalization. When you send a personalized email it means the world to the receiver.

Their name must be included with their history or interests.

Personalized emails have a higher open and conversion rate compared to typical emails.

Boost your online marketing efforts by upping your writing and personalization skills.

Now let’s talk about segmentation.

Sending a generic and general coupon to all your customers won’t benefit you. With segmentation, you split your email list into specific groups. Then an email is sent to them content based on their interests.

To sum it up to you, create an email as specific as possible to increase your open and response rates, and conversions.


Email Marketing Tools

To get the most benefit out of email marketing, you need a good tool. If you decide to send it from a Gmail for example, it can create lists for you but there is no personalization option.

Investing in an email marketing tool will increase your productivity. Also, it will save you money and time.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools available now.

Many options are available through the tool. Creating templates, automating, personalizing, segmenting, and everything you need for a successful campaign.


Digital Marketing: Offline

Now that we have covered the entire basis about online marketing, it’s time to talk about offline marketing.

Offline marketing has four categories:

Enhanced Offline Marketing

Radio Marketing

Television Marketing

Phone Marketing

Let’s get into details to understand more about offline marketing.


Enhanced Offline Marketing

Masteradz Enhanced Offline Marketing with billboards in Times Square

Billboards in Times Square


To understand better about this type of marketing let’s take New York City as an example. Even if you might not have gone there, we all know about Times Square. It is full of LED billboards. Over 330,000 people cross it each day, making it a valuable place to promote any business.

Everything is electronic there!

This is a form of enhanced offline marketing.

Whenever you go to an electronic store, you have the product in front of you to try.

It’s a demo for people.

People like to check the product before making a purchase.


Radio Marketing

Masteradz Radio Marketing with a female speaking into a purple microphone

Radio Marketing


Remember when I mentioned that marketing started with radio? It has been 100 years since it first started. And as you can see radio is still here.

By 2023, radio ad spend is predicted to grow by half a billion dollars.

A smart move was made by the radio. They have the hosts read out advertising sponsorships at the start of the show.

To benefit from this type of marketing, you need to find a local radio station. Their audience will reflect your company’s target audience.

Radio marketing is a traditional way. But to leverage from it, the ad should be entertaining and is able to grab people’s attention.


TV Marketing

Masteradz people watching an advertisment on TV

TV Marketing


Television is probably never going to go away. It’s easily the industry where the most money is spent.

78% of people have a subscription to multiple streaming services.

That’s why you need to think where to put your advertisement.

The most viral advertisements are the ones showed during the super ball commercials. They are memorable and pay for themselves.

Any advertisement that goes viral generates millions of views on YouTube.

TV is going to die in the form that we know it in. Netflix and other streaming channels are gaining more popularity as the years go by.

So if you plan on investing money on offline digital marketing, make sure to spend your money wisely. Focus on a marketing platform or channel for the future.


Phone Marketing

Who do you know that doesn’t own a smartphone? Can you think of someone?

The chance to find someone without a phone is very rare.

Another thing is that most of the people are accessing the internet through the phone than via a desktop.

So how can you benefit from phone marketing?



Masteradz Phone Texting Chats

Text Marketing


Every single phone receives messages, whether it’s a smartphone or not

An online or offline message is almost a guaranteed read.

There are many ways you can leverage from text messaging.

Many restaurants use this method to send special deals, coupons, or any offers they are having. With this tactic they get additional customers and turn walk-ins into regulars.

Another option is to create a loyalty program. This program will include sending special deals and giveaways. It is only available to people participating in this program by adding their number.


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QR Codes

Masteradz hand holding phone to scan QR code

QR Code


Additionally, there is another option for phone marketing is to use QR codes.

All you need is to open your camera from the smartphone to scan the code. When scanned, a webpage will open up.

More views and more traffic.


Conclusion About Digital Marketing

In conclusion, that’s the whole deal about digital marketing.

As you can see, there are many ways you can gain success other than on the internet. So diversify your marketing strategy to cover all the fundamentals for a successful business.

Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Finally, go ahead and get started by contacting us as your marketing team.

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