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From drip mail to newsletters we do it all!

Get the right content into the right mailbox with our service. We structure the marketing campaign around your targeted audience to increase engagements.

Constructing an Email List

To achieve successful email marketing you need to compile together the user’s emails. Data-driven marketing is the way to generate more leads and get more emails.

Our strategists work to create engaging content with our designer. This will help to increase your audience and convert visitors into subscribers through emails.

Emails Newsletter

A non-intrusive, welcomed way to get your customers back into your site. Engaging leads to review, to check out your latest new feature or product, or to read your newly released blog.

At Masteradz, we always work on improving the performance of the newsletters by measuring success with KPIs and data. Our responsibility is to get more attention to your business. We do this by using organic content methods to gather more emails. Also, we segment your recipients and choose which content to promote through newsletters while automating send times. And most important of all, we create customized written and visual content.

Email List Segmentation

The most significant thing to apply in email marketing is email segmentation. We manage your email database
using leading email marketing software to maximize
email deliverability.

A variety of factors are counted in but some could matter more to some brands than the others. It all depends on the industry, customer base, and other variables. At Masteradz, we build for your business a campaign depending on your targeted audience to ensure success. Noticeable improvements are seen with greater open rates, more conversions, and less opt-out emails.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are when previously written email is scheduled to be delivered to specific recipients. This takes your email marketing into the next level. The response it gets whether it was opened, opened and read through, decides which emails are sent next.

Every email is sent based on certain triggers. This will benefit your business by keeping your audience engaged with your products. Masteradz creates campaigns to nurture leads with well-defined goals.

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