Growth Hacking Service

Masteradz, your growth hacking team

Growth hacking is the new buzzword. It is the future of marketing and the best way to grow a business. It takes every aspect of the sales funnel to find the best strategies to advance.

Developing Growth Hacking Team

Together let’s develop a team that is data-driven and fearless. The team has one goal in mind; growth. Finding different strategies and techniques to grow the business and generate more sales.

At Masteradz, we represent the optimized growth hacking team by collaborating with our business partners. All by experimenting with making an ecosystem and forming patterns to help us achieve your business goals.

Creation of the Fundamental Growth Equation

The fundamental growth equation is simple. It represents all key factors contributing to your growth. Identify your equation and the key metrics to improve.

To figure out your key factors you take a three step approach.

Step One: Analyze the funnel you’re using for the first transaction. Then, attract the people.

Step Two: Simplify the funnel to identify your magic moment. And get people to reach that point.

Step Three: Finally, get your customers to experience the values of your service or product.

Customers Lifetime Value Analysis & Development

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the value that the customer provides over their lifetime relationship with any business. CLV goes hand in hand with customer acquisition cost (CAC). That is the money you spend to attract new customers, including advertising, marketing, and special offers. Another thing you need to analyze is the lifetime value of a customer (LTV). It is the revenue that a customer generates during their lifetime.

Also, cohort analysis is one of the most underused tools. It can help to boost retention, cut churn, and grow faster. We as Masteradz, work on developing customer lifetime value and analyzing it to provide you the finest services possible.

Link Management

At Masteradz, we know the importance of staying ahead of the game and knowing what the other competitors are doing. Intensive research is implemented. Through our consultation service, we provide tips and recommendations on the marketing strategy to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

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