The world of search engine optimization keeps changing. Nothing stays the same except for the fundamentals. This is why every SEO company in Jordan needs to stay in the loop about the changes that are happening.

Everybody gets confused about which techniques to use and which they can safely ignore without risking their website. Also, they wonder about which SEO tips really do lead to results.

A few things changed for example; targeting keywords just to improve your organic ranking doesn’t work like that anymore. But using the right keyword is still very important for your website.

Every B2B or B2C marketers look for more search leads as they result in higher clicks than paid search results.

Below I’m going to mention about the techniques anyone needs to increase organic traffic to blogs and improve search rankings to any website. So here is some tips from an SEO company in Jordan.


Write for Humans First, Then Write for Search Engines


Old SEO vs. New SEO


If you are a content creator that writes depending solely on one single keyword and forget about creating valuable content, then you are doing SEO wrong. Changing your mindset is vital to get people more engaged and interested in your blog.

Focus on creating content for your user, the actual humans that are going to purchase your product. Search spiders aren’t real. And they won’t turn into loyal customers. Relating with your customers to get more social media engagements and product purchases is the way to go. That is why every SEO company needs to direct their words toward human beings.

So what does this all mean?

Forget that search engines exist. Write content that will help someone. This is what SEO copywriting is.

This way you are creating an excellent user experience and building a relationship with the customer. Search engines will reward you eventually as they follow users.


Every SEO Company Needs To Link To Other Websites

Many people might think link building is not relevant anymore. Or if they insert a link to another website it wrong because people leave your page. But on the contrary. Link building is fundamental and linking to high authoritative websites or competitors is a good thing to do.

And why is that you may ask. Because it helps the readers. It makes your website more valuable.

If you are not willing to put links for other people in you website, they won’t do the same for you. To get inbound links from reliable blogs, you need to show your willingness to link out to their blogs in your own content.

A good tip to know for any SEO company, only link out to valuable content pages. And always remember it is about quality not quantity. This will build more trust with your audience.

Another good thing you can do is to notify influencers you link out to. If your content is valuable, they might link you back or even share your post.


Have Web Analytics For Your Landing Page

Landing Page | SEO Tips


The first thing you need to do before anyone sees your site is to have web analytics in place. This will help you know user behavior on your website. Knowing where they clicking the most and how they navigate away from your site will be very important for you.

There are many web analytics software every SEO company should know. For example you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Track your success with these web analytics software solutions.


Have Your SEO Company Create a Unique Meta Description for Every Page


Meta Description from SEO Company in Jordan


Lets talk about meta description. It is the first thing people see when you they search for you page. A lot of SEO companies ignore the meta descriptions and don’t spend enough time creating one.

There are times you might cite a paragraph or sentence from another site. So you link back to it and that is okay. But if you keep creating duplicate content then you won’t be able to succeed. Also, keep in might you are going to get penalized. It’s not going to happen straight away but eventually it will. This way you got in trouble and didn’t provide a good experience for your users.

Also, there is a big difference between your pages and your meta descriptions should represent that. For instance your marketing page meta description shouldn’t be the same as your sales page.



Follow these tips and watch your business succeed. Hopefully you found this article helpful and by applying them you will rank higher and gain more traffic.

If you made it this far, here are a few more tips to help you reach your audience.

If you have a published blog on your website and the content is no longer relevant with all Google changes, work on updating that blog. This way you will retain all the backlinks and all the metric you have already earned.

Also, focus on creating content around long-tail search phrases not head keywords.

Make your website mobile-friendly.

And if you want any more information or help, we are at your service.

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