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MasterAdz provides full support throughout the media production project. If you have never produced a video before, we lead you through every phase of the process. Where you have concerns about budget, we work with you to leverage the most “bang for the buck.” We work hard to bring a professional demeanor to our projects, in knowledge of equipment, technique, and customer service.

What Types of Videos Do We Do?


– Concept Development
– Production Planning
– Treatment / Script Development
– Scheduling
– Production Document Preparation
– Talent and Crew Acquisition
– Equipment Acquisition
– Location Scouting
– Set Construction
– Wardrobe Support
– Prop Design / Construction


– Production Management
– Directing
– Video and Audio Recording
– Lighting Setup / Management
– Electrical Setup / Management
– Makeup Application
– Wardrobe Support
– Set and Prop Management
– Meals and Craft Services Support
– General Production Assistance


– Video Editing
– Text and Graphics Design
– Animation and Special Effects
– Music Selection / Creation
– VO/narration
– ADR and Foley recording
– Video Compressing Encoding
– Video Distribution

What We Provide


– 2D,3D Animation
– Character Animation
– Motion Graphics


– Concept development
– Script writing
– Storyboard development


– Editing
– Color correction
– Final mix


– 360 videos
– Mobile & Web videos
– Interactive


– GIF’s & Text Overlays
– Testimonial production


– Voice Over
– Mixing

Read More About Media Production Service

At Masteradz, we offer several varieties of media production services. We possess professional knowledge in all offline and online areas of production. As a professional agency of media production, we offer economical media production services and elucidations to deliver ultra-quality media content for presenting your business proficiently and appealing to more viewers.

Additional strength of Masteradz media production is recognizing your target audience and ensuring that we reach out to them.

Our cost-effective specialized ultra-value media production solutions are:

  • 360° panoramic videos and images for simulated trips of your property listings or business localities or showcasing products with a greater remarkable engagement rate.
  • Show Hologram solutions for 3D forecasting to your business products, debut events, sales presentations or exhibitions.
  • Video capturing for landscaping, manufacturing, commercial, real estate locations with our high-technology drone cameras generating ultra-value media content.

We offer the following services at exceptionally competitive rates:

  • Audio production
  • Broadcast and production packages
  • Design of brochures and production
  • Broadcasting and email production
  • Direct mail and inserts
  • Literature, stationary design, POS and production
  • Online display
  • Posters Artworks and Press
  • Print procurementand management
  • Promotional items
  • Webcast analytics
  • Video production and Webcasting
  • Websites and Landing pages

We summarize some of these services below:

  1. Video Production/Webcasting

The most important feature of webcasting or video recording at an occasion is the video production ethics. Don’t be surprised that an ordinary webcast from a leisure center can seem like broadcast TV with the appropriate lighting, video, and audio. On-site video production to capture your occasion with switcher packages and HD studio cameras are at the heart of Masteradz’s competences. We have been offering these services to customers for many years, either for transmission via satellite or for documentary recording reasonsor website use. We offer various package choices that can be fitted into the complexity of your live occasion.

Meeting organizers and event producers have seen an upsurge of new technologies to communicate content with distant audiences. Video streaming and webcasting services are by far the most prevalent and efficient approaches and Masteradz is positioned to provide exceptional video quality. For the past few years, we’ve intensely invested in our broadcast technologies and video production in order to present a range of services explicitly for the goal of webcasting live events all over the world.  Masteradz offers great quality video production standards which give an excellent webcast irrespective of the location. From interviews, to expert marketing videos, to product demonstrations; we possess the capability of promoting your company and products in a captivating manner. Titling, music,extra styles, and special effects are all created in our media house.

  1. Audio Production

The truth is that great sound is more pertinent than ever and there’ll always be differences between bad audio and a good one. People always observe bad audio production. But when the audio is good, people will comprehend the message. At Masteradz Media production, we deal in every proficiencies of a contemporary audio production studio. Our producers possess the talents, skill and tools to make your project echoe sits best. Since we’ve started, great quality sound has been our desire and at the heart of our works. Our focus is on clear, clean audio through the process of production; starting from recording and mixing, to the last steps in making your audio for the medium that it’ll be listened to.

We are professionals in recognizing your audio project requirements and possess the resources to birth your conception to reality. Masteradz offers a comprehensive range of audio production services such as:

  • Audio Post-Production: Require full post-production sound services for your videos? You’ve come to the correct abode for sound production for films and videos. Our audio engineer’s possess proficiency in Foley, sound design, and post production for movie. Broadcast and post mixing are essential to allowing your video project transform sonically on the web, TV and theaters.
  • Sound Design: Sounds produce a distinctive atmosphere, induce emotion, arouse memories and set the key tone in a story. Our innovative team possesses years of expertise in sound design for games, films and radios. We also house a huge library of production music tracks and SFX offering animmense amount of choices for music editing and sound design.
  • Voice-over Production: ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement) and voice-over necessitate the right style, voice and recording method to capture the story being articulated. It’s quite more than placing a microphone in front a man and recording. Our team of experts will source the right voice-over genius to voice your story. Also, we have writers capable of keeping the rhythm in your script, from the beginning to the end.
  1. Broadcast and Production Packages

At present, connecting occasions to remote audiences by the means of hi-quality broadcasting production is critical. It is almost impracticable to have everybody in the same location at the same time. This problem is solved through dissemination of your event content via webcast (live broadcast) or posting videoed sessions on the web. Masteradz possesses a handful of production packages that make this achievable. Whether a multi-camera to record of an exceptional event or a single camera solely recording a presenter, we can provide the suitable broadcast/recording package for your occasion. We know that there are moments when pricing is more essential than image quality. This is why we offer hi-tech switchers with the latest high definition cameras and excellent solutions for budget-constricted applications. Our accommodating configurations offer just the correct system for your budget and needs.

  1. Webcast Analytics

We’re able to see, instantaneously and in post-event, how many persons are viewing and the duration spent in watching. Due to our expertise, we can preserve the video replay live and also know those who later visited the page to view all or portion of the program after the initial date. Furthermore, our team can get data on the types of gadgets people are using to watch the webcast. Also, the domain that directed them there or the domain they viewed it on can be known. This is advantageous for customers who may put up diverse portals for several members of their niche, but they are hosting the stream only on a single website.

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