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Beauty Catcher

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To guide them in making a name in the beauty world.
Beauty Catcher
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With many places selling skincare products and the huge variety, it has been difficult for our business partner to stand out and show how incredible their product is. Not knowing how to reach their targeted audience, not having a unique brand, and not enough knowledge in advertising, our partner faced a lot of difficulties to break out.


At Masteradz, our main focus is to create content that satisfies our clients as well as the targeted customers. By building an identity for the brand through creating a logo and innovative yet valuable content, their name started to stand out from the rest. Eye catching designs were also an important part for the growth of the brand.


With our social media and advertising efforts, the number of followers has increased dramatically from 200 to 39,000 followers within a few months. The demand on the products has increased and a loyal fan base has been established.

Other Case Studies

Masteradz | A blue background with the logo for Geeks in the middle


A gaming hub right in the heart of Amman.

Masteradz | an office with a woman sitting on a desk with a computer in front of her with the logo of SCADD on the wall


The Scientific Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders.

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