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First chauffer driven service in Jordan.

To guide in making their name known in Jordan as the go to service for chauffeurs.

Jo Limo

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In Jordan, the dominating car services have high quality services that not many other companies can obtain. Therefore, as a new chauffer driven service, JoLimo has faced a challenge by getting compared to its competitors. To maintain the standards and exceed society’s expectation, they have partnered up with Masteradz to show their unique qualifications.


With our innovative visuals and advertisement techniques, we have created a bigger customer data base for JoLimo. By raising awareness and talking about the luxurious experience, Masteradz was able to achieve success in launching the service into the digital world.


Through social channels, display, and video advertising, Masteradz advertising team has successfully reached 1.6 million unique users and segmented them for the next retention plan. Moreover, through offline surveys it has been concluded that 12% of the people that saw the advertisement has remembered the brand name.

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