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A manufacturing plant that produces all kinds of dairy products.

To take over the dairy industry in Iraq



Online Advertising
Social Media Management



Even though Kanoon has been established in 1950s, they are facing some problems creating a strong online presence and reaching their targeted audience. They want to make their brand’s image to represent them in the correct way to be able to reach a wider audience.


Firstly, we focused on media production and social media management for Kanoon’s marketing strategy. Creating informative and valuable visuals made the audience understand what the brand has to offer, how the products are made, and the brand’s values. Then, our team was determined to increase sales and leads through online advertisement on Google and multiple social media platforms. This strategy will also increase brand awareness.


We were able to get Kanoon a strong base of followers on Instagram as they have increased from 50 to 2,000 followers within a few months. Through successful online advertising, sales have increased all over Iraq by 70% and more people started recognizing the brand at stores and on social media. 

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