Probably you have heard the term search engine marketing, SEM or even SEO many times. They may have caught your attention but you have no idea what they mean; Masteradz is a dedicated search engine marketing agency  ,which works on clearing up the terms to their clients.
You are not alone in this don’t worry.
The terms in digital marketing all sound the same. 
In this guide, we are going to teach you what is SEM and how does it differ from SEO. As well as the most important things you need to know about search engine marketing.

SEM: What Is It From a Search Engine Marketing Agency

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Search engine marketing is strategy used by digital marketing and search engine marketing agencies. The aim of it is to increase visibility and traffic through paid efforts.
With SEM, advertisers bid on certain keywords that users might use on search engines. They do this to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). The brand is only charged if their ad got clicked on.
The paid ads usually appear on top or bottom of the search results page. They include “AD” to help the users distinguish them as a paid ad.
Why is search engine marketing is so unique?
Well you put your ad in front of already interested customers. This is only done with SEM and no other marketing strategy.
Keywords research is important due to this factor. The use of the right keywords helps you to reach the right audience.

SEM vs SEO: What’s The Difference?




These two terms are often confused with each other. To tell them apart you need to understand what they mean.
Think of them this way.
Search engine optimization means earned traffic.
And, Search engine marketing means paid traffic.
Digital marketing agencies use both techniques. With SEO, they work on gaining organic traffic for your business. Using SEO’s best practices to help the business rank higher on search engines. And the key difference, no one is paying for google to gain traffic.
On the hand for SEM, payment is a must. Like we have mentioned before, businesses bid on certain keywords. They pay google when people search these keywords.
It is beneficial to have both in your marketing strategy. Each technique focuses on different parts of the funnel.
For SEM, it focuses on the bottom of the funnel consumers.
But for SEO, it focuses on the upper of the funnel consumers.

Search Engine Marketing Agency About SEM Fundamentals

Now that we’ve known what search engine marketing is, let’s talk about the fundamentals.

Platforms For Search Engine Marketing

Starting with where you can use this strategy. Like we have discussed, SEM is when you pay for your ad to appear in front of an audience. The most common SEM platforms are google and bing.
These two platforms are competitors, so how can you benefit from both?
Google ads, helps any brand to reach millions of users with the largest online audience.
Bing ads, claims that they can help you reach 3 million users that google can’t reach.


Keyword Research

Keyword Research


Keywords are what determine your PPC campaign. They decide who sees your ad and who doesn’t. If you have the greatest campaign and have paid a lot of money without the right audience it won’t perform. All your efforts will go to waste.
With the right research, you won’t drain your money. Targeted audience can be acquired through specifying  terms or phrases depending on what you are targeting.
There are four important keywords matching types for you to use in your SEM campaign.

Broad Match Keywords

These words target the variation of a term. It includes similar phrases, misspellings, singular or plural terms. As well as synonyms of the targeted phrase. Let’s say you searched from marketing agency. The campaign will also target marketing agencies and advertising agency. 

Phrase Match Keywords

What this means, the campaign will target the same exact phrase. As well as any phrase with a word that comes before or after the keyword. If your target is marketing agency. The campaign will also target best marketing agency and hire marketing agency.

Exact Match Keywords

It target words that are closely related to the keyword. This means if there is any misspellings, paraphrasing, and reordered words. For example if you keyword is marketing agency. It will also show when a user searches for agency marketing and marketing agency.

Negative Keywords

This removes the terms that you don’t want to target. It is a variation of all the keywords we have mentioned above, that you don’t want in your campaign. You do this to help you reach the right audience for you. You don’t want the search for marketing agency job or advertising agency salary. If it is irrelevant you should exclude it from your campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Targeting Methodologies By Masteradz Agency

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Targeting keywords is one of the main things for a successful campaign. But you also need to focus on SEM targeting. This adds extra parameters for when and where your ad shows.
Device targeting: Targets ads on specific devices. They could be either for mobile, tablets, or desktops.
Location targeting: Targets ads for a specific ZIP code or geographic location.
Ad Schedule targeting: Targets ads to appear on a specific time of the day or the week.
Demographic targeting: Targets ads based demographics. Whether that is gender or age or anything that fits your targeted audience.

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After reading this, you should be confident in yourself when someone asks you what SEM is.
Do your research and start your campaign now.
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