Social media agencies should keep up with strategies and trends that change every day. Having a guidebook can be useful for any agency. But, finding a list of helpful advices can be pretty challenging. Here is where we play a part and give you beneficial tips.

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So, here is a guide full of tips for social media agencies. There is a lot to cover so we’ve made it into categories based on the platform.

Instagram Tips For Social Media Agencies

Instagram tips | Masteradz.com


1. Conspire With Local Influencers

Having celebrities or industry leaders as your brand ambassador is great. Most brands though face a huge problem with that; they don’t have the capabilities to have a celebrity. Collaborating with a local influencer can be very beneficial to your business. Finding an influencer with a loyal fan base will increase your sales and engagements with your account.

Instagram ads are a good strategy in a campaign for sure. But, having fewer ghost accounts will increase your social media status. Working with an influencer is one of the most underrated social media strategies. This is a great advice for social media agencies to increase any campaign’s effectiveness.

2. Explore Different Styles With Your Content

Connecting with your audience is very important for your brand. Most brands mainly focus on creating high quality pictures and original images. Even though it is great content, exploring different styles is essential.

Creating engaging videos, GIFs, or even memes will help the brand’s image and will increase retention time. This way, your platform will have greater exposure which can result in growth. Experimenting with new things can be an outstanding move you can easily do.

3. Know The Power Of The Save

A new concept was introduced that is very influential in Instagram’s algorithm; the save feature. Giving every user the opportunity to save any content and come back later to view it. It was launched to be the alternative of the “like” feature.

Creators are now using this new aspect for their best interest. So for this Instagram tip, construct creative content and pack more values in one post.

4. Produce Unique IGTV Series

Moreover, a relatively new tool was introduced into Instagram which is IGTV. It has proved its full potential and how effective it is in growing your brand.

Exploring with new content made easy with IGTV. Create your own powerful videos to connect and engage your audience. The possibilities are endless with this feature. You can create many different content styles. Such as Q&A’s, tutorials, reviews, host your own talk show, or stream events live.

Social media agencies can use this easy built-in tool to advance any type of business.


Facebook Tips

Facebook for Business Tips | Masteradz,.com


5. Target The Right Buyer Persona

Facebook is a platform full of customization. You can easily experiment with any new unique style of content. But in order to have a successful campaign you need to know a few things. Who are your target audience? Where are they located? What are they interested in? And how old are they? This way you determine the traits of your viewings.

To have an efficient, impressive marketing campaign, identify your audience with the questions above. This way you can know specifically who is interacting and responding to your brand. It is useful to use this tip for future content.

6. The “Right” A/B Testing for Facebook Ads for Social Media Agencies

At Masteradz, we take the time to identify and develop customized marketing campaigns. For an impactful advertisement, we monitor and experiment with different  techniques. Facebook ads is one of the most popular tool in digital marketing. It is an easy way to market your business and gives you access to an impressive amount of people. Choosing how to interact with your audience makes a big difference for your campaign.

7.Retarget Using Custom Audiences

Imagine you are running an ad. It was presented to audiences that weren’t interested in what you are offering. So, they never end up clicking on your advertisement. Most social media agencies don’t know what to do in this position. Meaning this is the end of the marketing journey.

Luckily, you can use these cold leads to your benefit. How you can do this? By retargeting ads. It means you can send people ads that watched more than 50% of your previous ad. This way you can save money and target certain users.


Twitter Tips For Social Media Agencies

Twitter Tips | Matseradz.com


8. Make Use Of Twitter Ads

Like most platforms, twitter offers different types of ads. A unique aspect that is offered on this platform is; you can create ads based on what’s happening in the world. This will give your ads a sense of importance that isn’t available anywhere else.

9. Flourish Your Brand

Using social media platforms, you need to focus on your own brand. Being original and having a clear voice of your own, gives you reliability and credibility across platforms. Not to mention, experimenting with different styles.


LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips | Masteradz.com


10. Social Media Agencies Should Be Active

It is all about connections on LinkedIn. Establishing a connection with your audience is critical. Even though this might be a strange thing for this platform. As it is seen as networking platform.

Nonetheless, you have to stand out and prove yourself. Unless you want to disappear and not be known anymore. This is why it is important to be active. Regular posts will help you build connections. You can post diverse content; such as introductions and weekly blogs. Think of it as an inexpensive way to engage with your users.

11. Produce Different Types of Content

Creating content should ideally help your audience in fixing their problem. As well as, helping to solve them. Any multimedia content does particularly well on LinkedIn. Social media agencies, for their part, should guide their clients into becoming a thought leader. You can achieve this with the right content and finding solutions to deeper issues.

Always experiment and find you voice. For this reason, try using different media strategies. For example, info graphics, videos, or anything else you can think of.

12. Social Media Agencies Should Avoid Using Sales Language

Users don’t spend a lot of time on your content if it’s not valuable to them. So in that case, you need to know what content to put out. Always sell your brand not your product, to build a relationship with your audience. In other words, don’t use any sales tactics. Instead, connect with your users and always be honest and reliable.

13. Experiment with LinkedIn Ads

In order to grow your brand, you experiment with ads on different platforms. Every social media agency starts with this strategy. LinkedIn on the other hand, is notably more expensive to advertise on. Large number of people think this contributes to less leads. Although this may be true, it actually gives you higher quality customers.

Still, the issue is unless you are going after specific users, you can find cheaper PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on other platforms. While you are advertising on LinkedIn, at the same time, advertise on other outlets to figure out your budget and the conversion rate. In hope the that, you can know for sure if it’s the right investment for your business.


Pinterest Tips For Social Media Agencies

Pinterest Tips for Social Media Agencies | Masteradz.com

14. Use Informative Pins

To simply put it, you need to create a relationship with your customers and create specific advertisements to them. In addition, to advance in Pinterest you need to collect pins. Furthermore, there are different types of Rich Pins. Including product pins, recipe pins, and article rich pin.

15. Invest In Pinterest Ads

First thing to remember is, Pinterest is just like LinkedIn. You use advertisements tailored to specific people. With this in mind, prepare content for your followers to reach and connect with them. For instance, find images that will attract customers and makes them want to engage with you brand.


Social Media Agencies Tips Conclusion

In summary, social media agencies need to keep up to date with all the new trends to help their clients achieve their goals. Social media marketing can get confusing, but when it’s properly used, it will make a big difference in your brand’s growth. With this in mind, you can take over any platform you put your head to.

It is important to realize, you can take control over your whole social media marketing strategy.