Masteradz is a digital agency that specialized in social medial marketing and management for both start ups and already established digital businesses, having several years of experience. The three major areas of expertise that Masteradz spread across include:

  • Develop Brand Awareness (Followers and likers): Word of mouth and referrals will be boosted through growing your client-base on social media platforms. Your followers will soar remarkably with the support of our social media marketing services with appropriate people. The interests, demographics, and conducts of your usual clients will be ensured are matched by your followers.
  • Build Relationships (Engagement): Your audience is more prone to buying from you when you develop a robust connection via engagements. We’ll assist you in increasing engagement (such as comments, likes, etc.) on your posts on social media. The higher your engagements, the greater your connection with your consumers.
  • Increasing Website Exposure and Leads Generation (Traffic & Conversions): Leads and sales will be influenced directly by growing your website traffic. That’s why our social media advertising service is best matched with this service, driving great amounts of traffic to your e-commerce site or your company as we concentrate on building social media marketing campaigns. Retargeting social ads can be add-ons by us to stay abreast of latest website’s visitors in order to increase conversions.

Social Media M

Benefits of Our Social Media Marketing Services

  1. Employment of Competition Analysis
  • Scrutinizing content and keywords that are performing greatly in your industry.
  • Discovering local competitors who are presently outperforming you, either in audience size or engagement or both.
  • Market study of your service zones and business’s achievements.
  1. Producing Appealing Organic Social Campaigns and Hashtags Research
  • Content with high commitment with your audience research.
  • Observing interaction and engagement.
  • Scheduling regular posts and posting.
  • Relevant Hashtags for organic reach
  1. Producing Paid Data-Driven Social Promotions
  • Creating imagery and copy for high-accomplishing social ads.
  • Developing custom audiences that aim at your brand and business.
  • Recording and refining paid social ads.
  • Split-assessing ad copy.
  1. Tracking Your Social Promotions
  • Tracking of leads as well as click-through-rates and optimization.
  • Tracking of engagement rates and optimizing it.
  • Your audience tracking and enhancing it.
  • Tracking your ROI on paid social promotions and boosting it.
  1. Organizing & Observing Your Social Reputation
  • Social engagement from campaigns monitoring.
  • Sentiment and social media feedback monitoring.
  • Monitoring of social media reviews.
  • Brand mentions and chatter across social platforms monitoring.
  1. Strengthening Your Works with Website Incorporation
  • Addition of social buttons such as “Pin This” or “Share on Facebook” to site’s content.
  • Free site social feeds.
  • Social widgets installation on the website.
  • Reach all possible audience according to our marketing mix strategy

Social Media Marketing

Reasons Why You Require Social Media Marketing for Your Business

The audience that you want to reach can be specially aimed at using social media promotions since they are low-cost to run. At Masteradz, baseline data to accurately define the social media platforms generating the smallest cost per lead and the greatest returns on ads spend will be created by our experts. We can assist you in tracking and testing paid social media promotions on a range of online platforms, such as:

Instagram Advertising

For any organization with graphical services and products, Instagram promotion (carried out through the platform of Facebook ads) is highly indispensable. Apart from being the second ranked prevalent social platform, 74% of users pay visits to the platform per day. We’re capable of targeting your clients centered on demographics, interests, and geography, at the same time as deciding the amount you want to paper mile (cost per a thousand impressions) or per click.

Facebook Advertising

Both pictures and text to be showed on your ad, required for utmost audience engagement are allowed by Facebook advertising campaigns. We’re capable of targeting your customers based on demographics,interests, and geography, at the same time as deciding the amount you want to pay per mille (cost per a thousand impressions) or per click. There are close to 1 billion unique users on Facebook only, spending over seven hundred billion minutes/month on the site. As an entrepreneur who intends reaching out to your prospective customers quickly, social media is a perfect abode to promote since your customers spend ample time using it.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the 2nd leading search engine which has a higher audience that are adults than any social network. We focus your ads on your targeted audience only when investing in a YouTube marketing campaign, different from television. Likewise, YouTube marketing is as simple as joining it to your AdWords profile.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising Services let you take on with more B2B customers. Business verdicts are decided by around 4 users out of every 5 LinkedIn users; enabling participants to have two times the buying power of other platforms of social media. Paying alternatives using LinkedIn ads come in two folds namely; cost/mille (cost per one thousand impressions) or cost/click. We use this in boosting your business.

Twitter Advertising

Choosing the aim of your campaign is made possible by Twitter, as well as tweet engagements (favorites, retweets, replies), app installs or engagements, followers, website clicks,or even leads, and you are charged only when your specific action takes place. Moreover, Twitter permits maximum cost per act and a highest everyday budget. All these come handy when you collaborate with us.

Tiktok Advertising

If younger people are one of the primary audiences for your business, TikTok ads could be a worthwhile investment for you. With 66% of TikTok’s users younger than 30 (41% are ages 16–24), this isn’t the right platform for businesses that cater to older audiences. Masteradz can help you reach your audience professionally through deriving different buyer personas that suit your businesses to be targeted.

Reason for Selecting Masteradz over Other Social Media Marketing Companies or Agencies?

Masteradz is quite beyond a social media advertising firm or SEO Company only, we truly perceive ourselves as an internet promotion companion to your business. We promote your business like our own. This means that we strive to thoroughly understand your products, services, competitors, sales process, industry, and markets to effectively publicize your business on the web. We do this and ensure that we track and significantly justify your investments in our digital advertising services.

The Social Media Marketing Power

Presently, the world is witnessing a surge in the use of platforms on social media. In this digital period, over 70% of the internet’s users expect every brand to have a social media presence. Nevertheless, customers anticipate a customized, coordinated social media approach and not just any type of social media presence. Marketing services using social media can be beneficial generally for all businesses. Although, employing social media for promoting business is not bizarre to most companies, they lack the capability in choosing the suitable networks to invest in such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok etc., or its related cost, and that’s where our social media management services are required. At Masteradz, social media management and advertising services, we eliminate the complexity of social media for owners of business and allow you to adhere to what you know best, which is handling your business proficiently.