Social media is a digital world that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. It is an excellent opportunity to grow your business in this decade. Marketers understood that and ran with it. Social media in 2021 has seen a tremendous growth. It makes it a great tool for an effective marketing strategy.

Social media marketing happens through different tactics. Through paid ads;  you can reach more customers. This way, more people will see your Brand Identity & have a greater Brand Lift.
In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide. A number projected to increase almost 4.41 billion in 2025. (Statista)
With this huge number increase, it shows that there are still a lot of people that don’t have social media. Indicating that marketing on social media in 2021 hasn’t even peaked yet. There is still much more to be gained on the different platforms.
Social media channels are still expanding. Instead of only connecting people, it started to connect businesses with customers. After this switch happened, brands are benefiting more from all platforms.
Leverage the advantages when you’re planning you marketing for social media in 2021.
But don’t forget about the cons like trolls and brand reputation issues.
Learn how to make a balanced and a realistic plan.

Social Media Marketing: What is it?

Masteradz Social Media in 2021

Masteradz Social Media in 2021

This is a quick definition, and a might needed refresher about social media marketing (SMM).
SMM is the process of creating content to achieve the business objectives. The content’s purpose differs depending on what you want to achieve from the post and hashtags strategy. You can raise brand awareness, engage your audience, or drive traffic to your website.
To know on which platform to focus on, you need to have a plan. It all depends on your short-term or long-term needs. After knowing your needs, you can create a unified social media strategy.

The Advantages of Social Media In 2021


Save Money on Social Media

The world is still living through the COVID-19 crisis. And to keep your business alive you need to reach out to your targeted audience. Well, you need to do it without breaking your bank account.
During this pandemic, it is the easier choice to go online. You can start building your brand and engaging with your customers on social media. As everything is uncertain around us, social media in 2021 is still free. The content you are publishing cost nothing other than time and you can communicate with your audience. 
Some features need money to be activated such as advertising. To target your advertisement to certain people, you have to pay some amount. But it can all be depending on your budget.
Hiring a social media agency will help you run effective and successful campaigns, if they had the needed qualifications that drives audience insights & draw the digital plan that maps with the persona creation process.

Raise Brand Awareness

Masteradz Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Through social media channels, many  brands will be exposed to millions of users & audiences. Working on increasing your followers and releasing more content for building your fan base. Moreover, brands need to be consistent, and keep on interacting with their followers. People will get familiar with the brand. This will increase the likelihood of being known and recognized by more users.
To be visible, it depends on the platform you are using. There are a few platforms that have been around since the early 2000s and they show no signs of slowing down. But you also need to keep an eye on some of the newer platforms.
The amount of active users on social platforms depending on Statista
  • Facebook – 2.7 billion
  • YouTube – 2.2 billion
  •  Instagram – 1.2 billion
  • Twitter – 353 million
  •  TikTok – 689 million
  • Snapchat – 498 million


Direct Relationship with Your Audience

Masteradz Online Relationship

Direct Relationship

There are many features that help you to connect with your audience. You can have a seamless and convenient conversation through posts, comments, or messages.
Use these elements to your advantage. Create a marketing strategy with these to tools. This way, you can cater to your user’s needs. As well as announcing sales and promotions. You can also educate them about your products or services.
Many of the online users find new brands through social media in 2021. With the influence of social proof, it makes the users make the decision of buying a product. Whether that was likes or comment,

Exact Targeting Through Social Media Apps

Masteradz Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting


Masteradz is a data-driven global advertising and growth hacking agency. We know where the right audience for your business is hanging out. This helps us craft the ideal marketing strategy for your business.
Through research, information gets known by us that directs our tactics. The data we need to know to use for our marketing strategy are:
Behavioral – The data refers to the browsing behavior and previous purchases.
Demographics – This one is all about traditional factors. Such as age, gender, location, employment, and income
Geographic’s – One of most overlooked data that is actually very useful to a lot of businesses. Geographic is a technique that allows you to target a market based on location.
Psychographics – These are the consumer’s characteristics. Such as personality, values, lifestyle, and interests.
With the help of this data, you can craft a buyer persona depending on the ideal customer you want to reach.
Before creating the buyer persona, there is something you need to do. Always make sure you are extracting the data with the consent of the data owner. If you are hiring a social media marketing agency, be sure to let them help you understand this topic even more.

A Continuous Presence

Masteradz Like's Magnet

Like’s Magnet


Being consistent with your posting about your products, helps you to rank organically. Publishing your content is free charge, so you will be able to do this as much as you want.
Be smart about leveraging the space. Any social media marketing agency will recommend publishing strategic posts. Being active on social media means your effort will become effective and sustainable.
Quick Results through Paid Ads
Social media marketing happens through different tactics. Through paid ads, you can reach to more customers. This way, more people will see your brand page.
The purpose of using paid ads in your marketing strategy is so you can tell a story about your brand. Also, it helps you to acquire new customers, and helps when launching a new product.
Through paid ads, your social media page will reach a lot of people. Whether that is through news feeds, messaging apps, search engine results page. With Facebook, there is a retargeting feature. It puts your ad in front of prospects while they are browsing partner sites.

Increase Website Traffic

Masteradz Website Traffic

Website Traffic

From the beginning, social media platforms helps you to promote your website. No change has occurred throughout the years. Brands still use this technique to drive more traffic to their website. The site helps potential customers to learn more about the brand. Or they learn more about the products they are selling or services they are offering.

Learn More about Your Audience

Social media in 2021 is useful in many ways. It helps you to learn more information about your audience, the industry, and even your brand. It provides you with more data about how your business and marketing are doing. Using this knowledge, you can see what is working and not working. This way you can refine your marketing strategy to make it more successful.
Tracking the data on different platforms helps you to tune your campaign. Some social media channels lets you perform A/B testing such as Facebook. It helps you to determine what elements are effective in your campaign.
Also, they help you maximize your return on investment (ROI).

The Disadvantages of Social Media In 2021

Knowing what are the pros and cons of social media steers you away from wasting your money and time.
Any social media marketing agency you want to hire needs to talk to you about the disadvantage.

Content: A Resource-Intensive Task

To have an organic social media marketing strategy is completely free. But to create the content takes time and effort. It tests your creativity. It also depends on the type of platform you are using. For example, tiktok demands from you to produce clips regularly.
This might become hard for people on the long run.
Like we m, social proof effects other people’s decisions about their . You will devote most of your time to learn the ins and outs of the social platform. This will lead to a mediocre return.

Negative Reviews

Masteradz Negative Review on Social Media in 2021

Masteradz Negative Review

Like we mentioned, social proof effects other people’s decisions about their purchase. Unfortunately, no one is immune to negative reviews.
Supposing that this happened to you, you need to see it as an opportunity. Communicate with the dis-satisfied customer. If it is your fault, apologize and ask how you can improve.
Act fast.
Whenever this happens to you, you need to respond the bad comment as soon as possible. This improves your chance of retaining customers or even to win them back.

You Can’t Escape the Trolls

Masteradz Internet Trolls on Social Media in 2021

Internet Trolls

Social media in 2021 is no different than when it came first out. Trolls have existed ever since the 1990s. Our concern is about how they might post about off-topic subjects. Or sometimes harassing comments.
Trolls are everywhere on the internet. Sometimes they bring harmless fun. But, some trolls post anonymously. They target certain people or organizations with no fears of getting caught.

Results Take Time

To get results that satisfies you, it takes time. Building a loyal audience doesn’t happen overnight. It can be challenging for anyone at first, especially if you have a preoccupied team.

Put in place your Marketing Strategy

With hopes you understood the advantages and disadvantages of social media in 2021. Now you can start planning your marketing strategy.
If you are looking to hire someone, make sure they are the right fit. They need to overcome the disadvantages and harness the advantages of social media.
Contact us today and let’s start working on a social media strategy.