68% of all online activities start with a search engine. For an SEO agency this percentage drives them.

However, that’s a big percentage to think about. So how can anyone get their business known for the right users?

Another interesting statistic is that 75% of searchers don’t make it past the first page.

Here is where an SEO agency comes in.

Start ranking higher on search engines and increase organic traffic to your website. Do this by hiring the right SEO agency.

If you are new to digital marketing, SEO can be a difficult term for you to understand. SEO agencies write in their website about their services and what they can offer. However, you might still don’t know what they are talking about and what they do exactly.

This blog is to tell you everything you need to know about an SEO agency. By the end of this you will be speaking their lingo.


SEO Agency, What Does it Offer?

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Search Engine Optimization


Just like we mentioned before, most people don’t open the second page on search engines. So how can you make it to the first page?

The work of an SEO agency starts here. Firstly, it works on improving the business’s online visibility. They do this through search engine optimization.

New content, designs, and a few technical changes happen. That is to make the website more attractive for the search engines.

Whenever the site is better optimized, the higher ranking you will get.

But without the right keywords, the attractiveness of the website won’t benefit you. The keywords must be relevant to your product or service to be able to rank on them.

Now you may be wondering, why can’t I do this on my own?


An SEO agency has specialized and experienced professionals. They help any business rank high on search engines.

With different search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you need a lot of experience. SEO experts know what it takes to increase the organic traffic to the website.

There are different areas for search engine optimization. An SEO agency hires experts that have knowledge in all these areas.

The SEO professionals provide a variety of services that include:

-Site Auditing

-Tailored Site Strategy

-Tactic Implementation

With the right SEO agency, they will treat the website as if it is their own. A tailored strategy gets created while keeping the business’s goals in mind.

All of these efforts are to increase the return on investment.

Every inch of the website gets monitored to ensure you are benefiting from the SEO services.

SEO Services

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SEO Services


The purpose of SEO services is to optimize a page through multiple processes. The agency aims to get high ranking for their clients on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

An SEO expert works on achieving your goal using different but strategic tactics.

So now what are the services do they provide?

Site Analysis

First thing an SEO agency does is analyze and evaluate your current website.

The analysis starts with the technical part and moves into the content available. Through this, the strengths and weaknesses become known to the agency.

Also, they research about the industry and audience before creating any plan.

Aligned with your goals, the agency creates a strategy tailored for your business. This happens after the full analysis of the website.

SEO Strategy

After the full analysis, the agency is now able to start developing the strategy.

The SEO campaign depends on the industry and the business’s goals.

After understanding everything from your site analysis, the professionals start their work. A customized plan is now ready to go.

SEO strategy includes identifying the right keywords that your targeted audience uses.

With the different tactics, the agency will increase your ranking on search engines.

To know if the agency is good, they should be able to make you understand SEO in simple terms.

SEO Tools

Different tools are available to track and monitor SEO progress. The agency decides which tools and dashboards to use for the campaign.

The benefit of using these tools is that your business will be able to visualize each step of the campaign.

An experienced agency will tell you which tools are right for you. While also using them effectively to get most out of your campaigns.


After everything is in place, the SEO agency is ready to start implementing the strategy.

This service starts with on-page SEO. It includes making you website app friendly and easy to navigate.

Also, the agency will give you a list of keywords to use when creating content for the website.

And this service includes off-page SEO such as backlinks.

Not forgetting, the agency will give you detailed plan on how to improve the site’s authority.

Tracking & Monitoring

The algorithm of the search engines is always changing. With every update, the business needs to reevaluate the SEO strategy.

When hiring an SEO agency, it stays up to date with all the changes to maintain your ranking. Whether big or small changes your site needs, they keep on working on it. This will keep the site visible on the search engines.

A professional agency uses right tactics to ensure long-term success for the brand. Suggestion of further keywords will happen as an ongoing service. As well as, blogging, link building, and other SEO tactics.


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Why Use an SEO Agency?

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SEO Agency


An SEO agency benefits your business in tremendous ways.

But to keep it short and sweet, I’m going to mention the main advantages.

So here is how the agency can make your business grow.

SEO Agency Improves Search Engine Rankings

I have already mentioned this point above. And I’m talking about it again so you can grasp how beneficial this is.

How can a better ranking help your business?

A lot of users ignore paid ads and go straight to the websites on the first page.

Think about how many new customers you can reach organically. You will not only save your money, but the customer will come to you.

Reaching high rankings is almost impossible to do without the help of a professional.

An SEO agency uses the right tools while keeping up-to-date with the latest strategies. Using these strategies, they will know for sure how to improve your website.

Keywords are one of the most crucial things for search engine optimization. The right keywords attract new and relevant leads to the website. And with the right content, these leads will get converted into customers.

Also, we can’t forget about the website’s architecture. The agency will ensure it is good for search engine crawling.

The website gets optimized in every single way possible to make it reach higher rankings.

To sum it up, an experienced agency will increase the traffic to your website while saving you money.

The main goal is to grow your business.

Gives the Website High Quality Traffic

Besides giving you higher ranking, an SEO agency increases the quality of traffic into your website.

Using keywords that align with your products or services, the traffic will be more relevant.

High quality traffic will convert more prospects into customers. That is because the visitors to the website are more interested in the products or services.

70-80% of people ignore the paid ads as they believe in the search engine’s algorithm.

People find the search engine more credible.

With the right SEO strategy, traffic will increase. And more customers will become familiar with your brand.

The SEO Agency Provides Measurable Results

You can’t always measure marketing tactics, unlike SEO. It can be easily tracked during each step of the campaign. Analytics include traffic volume, search engine positioning, the source of the traffic, and more.

A professional SEO agency will provide you a monthly report on how the SEO is going. With the reports, you can better understand how these services are increasing the value of your business.

The report is the best way to know that you are getting a return on your investment.


A Professional SEO Agency

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Web Traffic

Every agency works in a different way.

When thinking which agency should you hire there are a few things you need to keep your eye on.

While some companies tend to follow best practices and work hard to rank the website hire. Others take the easy way out and use tactics that makes it simpler for them.

However, these tactics may harm the site’s reputation and can cause future penalties.

Here is what to look for when hiring an SEO agency.

Customized and Tailored Services

No two businesses can have the same SEO strategy. Each strategy should be uniquely built depending on the business’s goals.

Also, the strategy gets tailored based on the industry and targeted audience. While keeping in mind the goals and budget.

Up to Date Practices

It is vital the agency is up to date with all the changes that happen, to know which practices improve your ranking.

From content planning, strategic research, and the right usage of keywords, the agency will increase the ranking on the SERPs. But without knowing the latest trends and tricks, the ranking will only go lower.

Past Success For the SEO Agency

For you to evaluate an SEO agency, take a look at their case studies and testimonials. You will have an insight into their past and see how they helped other businesses to succeed.

All the SEO Services Available

One thing to look out for is if the agency performs all the SEO services on its own. Some agencies hire third-party companies to do the work that they can’t perform in-house.

The agencies do that to save some money. However, you won’t know who you are working with and their level of experience.

So stick with someone that does it all.


Summary of an SEO Agency

To sum it up, SEO is primarily about changing websites until is gets optimized for search engines like Google.

Optimization is a process that is continuously evolving. And companies like Masteradz that keep up with those changes can achieve results.

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